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**All proud winners can get a Statuette if it is an individual prize. If the prize involves a team, they can obtain up to three Statuettes per prize.
** The cost of each Statuette is $ 212

** The payment is made to the Festival Bank Account or paypal account, following the link:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

** Then send an email to, indicating:
- Film title,
- Name of representative, Phone
- Prize
- Shipping Address.

** The representative rides the shipping costs. Any questions, please write to the above address.

FICOCC # 1 - 12

First Year

Best of the first year!!!

FICOCC # 1-12

A Tale with Christ and Jesus, by Oldren Romero. Cuba. 2015

On-line Film Festival with Live Screening of Winners

Duelos, by Yolanda Román. Spain. 2016


Anormal, By Luis Galán, Colombia/Spain/Senegal, 2017

In FICOCC we celebrated one year last February. For this, the Jury chose the 24 best short films presented during those twelve months. The selection was not easy, that made it take almost a month deliberating among so many participants.

After the hard work, the list was formed as follows: (Ordered according to the month in which it was presented to the festival):

Duelos, by Yolanda Román. Spain. 2016

The shortest are always the best !, by Daniel Jenny. France. 2017

The Buzzing of a bumblebee, by Vladimir Beldian. Russia. 2015

A whole world for a little world. Fabrice Bracq. France. 2017

Cuerdas. Pedro Solís García. Spain. 2014

I've just had a dream, by Javier Navarro Montero. Spain. 2017

Mister T., by Matthieu Berner. 2017

Vigor, by Philip Besamusca. Netherlands. 2016

A Tale with Christ and Jesus, by Oldren Romero. Cuba. 2015

Alzhaïmour, By Pierre Van De Kerckhove. Belgium. 2017

No Connection, By  Risto-Pekka Blom. Finland- 2017

Shadows, By Abbas Sam. Iran. 2017          

Limbo, By Konstantina Kotzamani. Greece, 2016

Ay El Chacho Sí Que Sabe, By Rosa Delgado Leyva. Spain , 2017

Coca Love, By Ty Tuin. United States, 2016           

Cheeseburger, By Rafael Díaz Ceballos México, 2016

Nicole's Cage, By Josef Brandl Germany, 2017

The Eve, By  Luca Machnich.  Italy, 2015

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, By Fabio Soares. France, 2014

Marina, By Story Chen. United States, 2017

The Day After, By Andrea Aglieri, Italy, 2017

Ancentor's Day, By Nataliya Stoltidis, Russian Federation, 2017

Anormal, By Luis Galán, Colombia/Spain/Senegal, 2017

Amma Meri, By Tarun Jain, India, 2017


We know that many titles were left out, but we could only choose 24.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Thank you for making FICOCC possible.

Kisses to everyone!

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