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Prize of the Five Continents



Best short film of the month

Best feature film of the month

Audience Awards

- Audience Award 1st Place

- Audience Award 2nd Place

- Audience Award 3rd Place


Short film

Best Drama Short Film
Best Comedy Short Film
Best Horror Short Film

Best Sci-Fi – Fantastic – Thriller Short Film

Best LGBT Short Film

Best Experimental Short Film
​Best Documentary Short Film

Best Animated Short Film
Best Student Short Film
Best Opera Prima Short Film
Best Indie Short Film

Best Classic Short Film (Performed before 2010)

Best Super Short

Individual Awards:

Best Director short film

​Best screenplay short film
Best Lead Actor short film

Best Supporting Actor short film

Best Lead Actress short film
Best Supporting Actress short film
Best Young Actor  short film

Best Young Actress short film

Best team performance short film

Best Cinematography short film
Best Art Direction short film
Best Sound design short film

Best Editing short film                           

Best Original music score short film

Best Makeup short film
Best Production design short film

Best Costume design short film

Best Web serie

Best Video clip

Best Video art

Best Trailer

Best Poster

Best  Short film script

Feature Film

Best Drama Feature Film
Best Comedy Feature Film
Best Horror Feature Film

Best Sci-Fi – Fantastic – Thriller Feature Film

Best LGBT Feature Film

Best Experimental Feature Film
​Best Documentary Feature Film

Best Animated Feature Film
Best Student Feature Film
Best Opera Prima Feature Film
Best Indie Feature Film

Best Classic Feature Film (Performed before 2010)

Half-length film

Best  Fiction Half-length film

Best Comedy Half-length film

Best  Animated Half-length film

Best  Documentary Half-length film

Best Student Half-length film
Best Opera Prima Half-length film
Best Indie Half-length film

Individual Awards:
Best Director Feature film

​Best screenplay Feature film
Best Lead Actor Feature film

Best Supporting Actor Feature film

Best Lead Actress Feature film
Best Supporting Actress Feature film
Best Young Actor  Feature film

Best Young Actress Feature film

Best team performance Feature film

Best Cinematography Feature film
Best Art Direction Feature film
Best Sound design Feature film

Best Editing Feature film

Best Original music score Feature film

Best Makeup Feature film
Best Production design Feature film

Best Costume design Feature film

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