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FICOCC # 13 - 24

Second Year

**All proud winners can get a Statuette if it is an individual prize. If the prize involves a team, they can obtain up to three Statuettes per prize.
** The cost of each Statuette is $ 216,00

** The payment is made to the Festival Bank Account or paypal account, following the link:

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

Also you can use the link:

** Statuette features:
Height: 32 cm; Base: Diameter 8 cm
Made in Bronze

** Send an email to:, indicating: - Film title, - Name of representative, Phone, - Prize, - Shipping Address.

** The representative rides the shipping costs. Any questions, please write to the above address.


FICOCC # 13-24

A Tale with Christ and Jesus, by Oldren Romero. Cuba. 2015

On-line Film Festival with Live Screening of Winners

Duelos, by Yolanda Román. Spain. 2016

Anormal, By Luis Galán, Colombia/Spain/Senegal, 2017

In FICOCC we celebrated two years last February. For this, the Jury chose the 24 best short films presented during those twelve months. The selection was not easy, that made it take almost a month deliberating among so many participants.

After the hard work, the list was formed as follows: (Ordered according to the month in which it was presented to the festival):

Ineffable, By Maxence Cazorla & Hachem El Yamani, France, 2017

Studded Nightmare, By Jean-Claude Leblanc, Canada, 2016

Cementerio, By Luis Villa Botero, Colombia, 2017

May Day, By Olivier Magis & Fedrik De Beul, Belgium, 2017

Vous, By Pari Antoniou, Greece, 2017 

Folk Tales, By Paweł Łukomski, Poland, 2018

Somewhere, Tomorrow, By André Siqueira, Brazil, 2017   


Chemistry 101, By Mike Reft, United States, 2018

Alone, By Antoine Laurens, France, 2018

A Ferry Tale, By Mehmet Tiğli. Turkey, 2018

The Sliding Man, By Lemaire Jacques. Belgium, 2017

Hampi, By Pim Algoed. Belgium, 2017    

Tomislav's Diary, By Vinko Laotovic. Bosnia And Herzegovina, 2018

Rüya, By Carlos Haidamous. Lebanon, 2018

8 Minutes, By Giorgi Gogichaishvili, David Abramishvili. Georgia, 2017

By A Hair, By Lauriane Escaffre, Yvonnick Muller. France, 2018

Mama, By Eduardo Vieitez. Spain, 2017  

Spider, By C. Blake Evernden. Canada, 2018

Dead Not Dead, Dead, By Yuanyuan Xu. United States, 2018

The 9ª, By Daniel H. Torrado. Spain, 2018

I Know What You Did, By Stanislava Ivy. Bulgaria, 2018

Jerry, By Roman Przylipiak. Poland, 2017

Drawn Curtains, By Marfisia Bel. United States, 2018

Anacronte, By Raúl Koler, Emiliano Sette. Argentina, 2018

We know that many titles were left out, but we could only choose 24.

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Thank you for making FICOCC possible.

Kisses to everyone!

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