**All proud winners can get a Statuette if it is an individual prize. If the prize involves a team, they can obtain up to three Statuettes per prize.
** The cost of each Statuette is $ 226,00

** The payment is made to the Festival Bank Account or paypal account, following the link:


August - 2020


Also you can use the link:

** Statuette features:
Height: 25 cm; Base: Diameter 7 cm
Made in Bronze

** Send an email to:, indicating: - Film title, - Name of representative, Phone, - Prize

** The representative rides the shipping costs. Any questions, please write to the above address.

**To make a credit card payment:


August´s  Winners


On-line Film Festival with Live Screening of Winners

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Best Short Film Of The Month

***coming soon***

Audience Awards

***coming soon***

1.- Short Film Awards

***coming soon***

***coming soon***

2.- Feature &  Half – Length Film Awards

Best Feature Film Of The Month

***coming soon***

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3.- Others

***coming soon***

Live Screening

***coming soon***

On September 03 at 17:00 will be the live screening of a selection of short films, at Osic Art Room, 02-08, Municipal Street, Regina Mall,

Puerto la Cruz 6023, Anzoategui, Venezuela.


FICOCC´s Official Selection: August – 2020

Short Films

Fiction Short Film

A Delicacy, By Bendek Wilson. Australia

A Dilema, By Sam Lam. China

Active, By Tad Clark. Germany

Cuckoo!, By Jörgen Scholtens. Netherlands

Disorder, By Jose Leon. Spain

Free, By Jp Snell. Finland

Good Fragrance, By Lincoln Wright. United States

Killing Small Animals, By Marcus Svanberg. Sweden

Ladybug, By Abhishek Chandra. United States

Last Vacation, By Omar Casillas, Fernando Rodriguez. United States

Move_, By Marwen Ben Cheikh. Tunisia

My Expenses, By Danalin Lee. United States

Photographs, By Fabrizio Gómez. Paraguay

Santa Maria, By Stew Martin. United States

Silver City, By Scott Dexter. United Kingdom

The Dance, By Evolet Anderson. United States

The Model, By Ginnifer Hall. United Kingdom

The Movie, By Rexanne Lewis. United States

The Question, By Ruthann Moore. Canada

The Tour, By Caden Thomas. United States

Tx-Reverse, By Martin Reinhart, Virgil Widrich. Austria

Unlocked, By Isorine Marc, Charmaine Kachibaia. Canada


Documentary Short Film

Bamboo Ballads, By Sajeed Naduthody. India

Della, By Bob  Jones. United States

Erraiak, By Ekain Martinez De Lizarduy Stürtze. Spain

My Sister, By Julio Mendez. United States

Peshmargas From Britain, By Kamaran Karym. United Kingdom

The Peace Village In Jeju, By Hyena Sim. Korea, Republic Of


Animation Short Film

Add Two, By Daysha Stewart. United States

Mad World, By Frankie Collins. United States

Thatching Eggs, By Max Marlow. United Kingdom


Feature & Half Length Films        

Fiction Feature & Half Length Films

A Matter Of Perspective, By Gerda Leopold. Austria

A New Way, By Melly Scott. United Kingdom

Alaska Long Hunters, By Mark Rose. United States

Alone, By Roselle Green. United States

Attentionspam, By Kilo Watts, The Drone , Ahhtension Planet Arts . United States

Harmonie  La Reina De La Noche, By Juana Jimenez. Austria

Live Forever, By Leisha Adams. United States

Poorveegam, By Krishnan. India

The Final Code, By Carlo Fusco. Italy

The Puzzle Piece, By Cady Tyler. United States

Your Own Account, By Marge Hill. United States


Documentary Feature & Half Length Films

Nachts Kommen Die Bilder, By Ulrike Korbach. Germany

The Punishment, By Madeline Reed. United States

Yes And No, By Moesha Baker. United States



Video Art

Friends With Death, By Jim Mckenzie. United States

Number Six, By Buster Mitchell. United States

Someday..., By Shandell Evans. Canada



An Island Apart, By Paul G. Andrews. United Kingdom

Look Inward, By Paul Harris. United States

The Action Of Living, By Shane Dt. India



Erraiak, By Ekain Martinez De Lizarduy Stürtze. Spain

Ladybug, By Abhishek Chandra. United States

The Final Code, By Carlo Fusco. Italy

Short films

Feature & Half length films



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