**All proud winners can get a Statuette if it is an individual prize. If the prize involves a team, they can obtain up to three Statuettes per prize.
** The cost of each Statuette is $ 226,00

** The payment is made to the Festival Bank Account or paypal account, or skrill following the link:


May - 2021

Also you can use the link:

Skrill ID:

** Statuette features:
Height: 25 cm; Base: Diameter 7 cm
Made in Bronze

** Send an email to:, indicating: - Film title, - Name of representative, Phone, - Prize

** The representative rides the shipping costs. Any questions, please write to the above address.

**To make a credit card payment:


May´s  Winners


On-line Film Festival with Live Screening of Winners

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Best Short Film Of The Month

***coming soon***

Audience Awards

***coming soon***

1.- Short Film Awards

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2.- Feature &  Half – Length Film Awards

Best Feature Film Of The Month

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3.- Others

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Live Screening

***coming soon***

On June 03 at 17:00 will be the live screening of a selection of short films, at Osic Art Room, 02-08, Municipal Street, Regina Mall,

Puerto la Cruz 6023, Anzoategui, Venezuela.

FICOCC´s Official Selection: May – 2021

Short Films

Fiction Short Film

Asocial Family, By William Clark. United States

Bread And Butter, By Madison Sanders. England

Captive Of Society, By Sophia Carter. United States

Cogs - First Step Into The Society, By Minah Son. Korea, Republic Of

Dam Of Feelings, By James Turner. United States

Detective And Heretic, By Wu Minglang. China

Entanglemen: From The Dugout, By Helanius James Wilkins. United States

High Jinks At The Lobster Factory, By Mimi Garrard. United States

Jewels Of Light, By Fanny Pierre. United States

My Life Was The Size Of My Life, By Deborah Slater, Mark Leialoha. United States

My Unexpected Letter, By Liam Miller. United States

Presence Of Absences, By Dash. Syrian Arab Republic

Project Gemini, By Isaiah Andrés Galarza. United States

Snorrie, By Victoria Warmerdam. Netherlands

The Handle, By Noah Johnson. United States

The Mysterious Box, By Emma Davis. Australia

The Silence, By Ava Lewis. Canada

The Vacuum, By Oliva Moore. United States

Triple Life, By Isabella Wright. United States


Documentary Short Films

Heading To Jupiter, By Dylan Hunter. United States

The Dull Lights, By Nolan Stewart. United States

Year Of The Dog, By Chan Chow Wah. Singapore


Feature & Half Length Films

Fiction Feature & Half Length Films

Ailleurs Partout, By Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne, Perelmuter. Belgium

Different Destinations, By Matthew Hayes. United States

Migrant Bird, By Zhang Yunfang. China

Never Ending Dream, By Harper Wallace. Canada

Paul Keller - Stille Im Schrei, By Axel Loh. Germany

The Beyond, By Ethan Jenkins. Germany

The Exceptional, By Anthony Gibson. United States

The Fourth Eye, By Elijah Hughes. United States

Wet Dogs, By Yves Matthey. Switzerland


Documentary Feature & Half Length Films

Building My Bridge, By Brooklyn Gordon. United States

Moonshot: The Remarkable Journey Of Apollo Chamber Players, By Jeffrey Mills. United States

The Author, By Nima Soofi, Daniel Ricardo Irias. United States



Web Series

Auteur Academy, By Ali Aksu. United States

Downloads, By Cameron Baker. United States

Prisoner, By Ingrid Franchi. France


Video Clip

Closed On Screen, By Loren Swift. United States

Daft Punk – Technologic, By Denis Milani Adriano. Brazil

Gray, By Peter Merentes. Spain



I'm Not Here, By Zuri White. United States

My Flowers, By Harry Huron. United States

Youth & Age Flower, By András Attila Farkas. Hungary



Ailleurs Partout, By Isabelle Ingold, Vivianne, Perelmuter. Belgium

Migrant Bird, By Zhang Yunfang. China

Presence Of Absences, By Dash. Syrian Arab Republic

Short films

Feature & Half length films