**All proud winners can get a Statuette if it is an individual prize. If the prize involves a team, they can obtain up to three Statuettes per prize.
** The cost of each Statuette is $ 226,00

** The payment is made to the Festival Bank Account or paypal account, following the link:


September - 2020


Also you can use the link:

** Statuette features:
Height: 25 cm; Base: Diameter 7 cm
Made in Bronze

** Send an email to:, indicating: - Film title, - Name of representative, Phone, - Prize

** The representative rides the shipping costs. Any questions, please write to the above address.

**To make a credit card payment:


September´s  Winners


On-line Film Festival with Live Screening of Winners

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Best Short Film Of The Month

***coming soon***

Audience Awards

***coming soon***

1.- Short Film Awards

***coming soon***

***coming soon***

2.- Feature &  Half – Length Film Awards

Best Feature Film Of The Month

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3.- Others

***coming soon***

Live Screening

***coming soon***

On October 03 at 17:00 will be the live screening of a selection of short films, at Osic Art Room, 02-08, Municipal Street, Regina Mall,

Puerto la Cruz 6023, Anzoategui, Venezuela.


FICOCC´s Official Selection: September – 2020

Short Films

Fiction Short Film

2Ḧoom [Zu:M], By Ariel Orama López. Puerto Rico

A Look On The Road Behind Us, By Jackson Chester. United States

A Real Man, By Aurélien Mathieu. France

Abandoned, By Robyn Davis. United States

Fog, By Darcie Winchester. United States

Happy Birthday, By My Love, Jana N. Slovakia

Hiking For A View, By Jack Spooner. United States

Humanities, By Chloe Wayne. United States

Knole Park, By Eliza York. Norway

Old Town, By Maya Cullen. United States

School Bus Karaoke, By Tse Chun Ting. Hong Kong

Suitcasing, By Jokes Yanes. United States

Sunlight At Its Finest, By Lottie Jones. Australia

The Nude, By Oliver Gardener. United Kingdom

There Will Be Fires, By Alexander Bristol. Spain

What Do We Do?, By Roderick Fenske. United States

Zone D'attente, By Marco Cucurnia. Italy


Documentary Short Film

Hamda, By Ilona Szekeres. Hungary

Pablo, By Andres A Parra. United States

The Fixed Book Price Legislation In South Korea, By Junho Huh. Korea, Republic Of

The Reflection, By Olivia Swift. United States 


Animation Short Film

52 - A Tale Of Loneliness, By Johnny Depalma. United States

Just A Detail, By Amelia Palmares. Spain

Viewpoint, By George Beckham. United States


Feature & Half Length Films 

Fiction Feature & Half Length Films

Love Is Not Love, By Stephen Keep Mills. United States

Open Window, By Isabella Wilson. New Zealand

Palms, By Adam William. United States

Song Of Love, By Peng Jun. China

Thaen, By Ganesh Vinayakan. India

The Best Choice, By Emily John. United States

Tree On The Facade, By Joshua Charles. United States 

Two Color Heart, By James Mcgregor. United Kingdom

Your Choice: To Believe Or Not, By Igor Dyachenko. Russian Federation


Documentary Feature & Half Length Films

Alexandre The Fool / Alexander Odyssey, By Pedro Pires. Canada

Dead Fish, By Daniel Forest. United States 

What's For Dinner Tonight?, By Alejandro Aragona. Argentina



Web Serie

A Surviving Kangaroo, By Oliver Grey. United States 

In The Deep, By Aaron Clarke. United States

The Lady Yang: Chapter 1, By Brad Forenza. United States


Video Clip

1914, By Jose Foley. United States

Limbo, By Agno Dissan. Brazil

Survive Growing Up, By Edwin Arellano. Ecuador



At The End Of The Road, By Govind Chandran. United Kingdom

Psyched! - Episode 1, By Anca Vaida. United Kingdom

Starpeople2007, By Kelly Lacombe. United States

Watermelon Lemonade, By Shreekrishna Padhye. United States



52 - A Tale Of Loneliness, By Johnny Depalma. United States

Alexandre The Fool / Alexander Odyssey, By Pedro Pires. Canada

Happy Birthday, By My Love, Jana N. Slovakia

Short films

Feature & Half length films



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