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Cita Familiar
Spain, 2018

Director: Iván Padilla & Nei Loya

Producer: Iván Padilla & Nei Loya

Friendship is one of the most important values ​​of life, but sometimes there are situations that can make you falter, however, true friends will always fight to be so.

Divine Consultants - The Beginning
Finland, 2018

Director:  Juha FIilin

Producer: Juha FIilin

Joy Amicable, 16, stands at a crossroads. Domestic problems arise between Joy’s parents, who have different priorities in life. Joy’s mother is worried about their economic situation and shows signs of wanting to leave Joy’s father. Joy’s dad is preoccupied by his esoteric research project, the funding of which is now under threat. Meanwhile, a wave of corporate dystopia is crashing over Joy’s sleepy hometown. Joy feels her family is being watched by the corporate agents. She believes her family is in danger.

Divine Consultants - The Beginning is a web series for platforms such as Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. The plot is heavily serialised to support binge watching and the short episodes are designed to work on mobile devices.

The forgotten ones of the corner
United States, 2018

Director:  Jeremy Daniels

Producer: Mandy Pickford

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