Video Clip

Festival open for Entries
Dying Sun
Portugal, 2018

Director:  Pedro Wilde

Producer: Pedro Wilde & Marisa Lumini

The story about a girl and boy and their relationship. What we'll see is the boy having memories, dreams and fantasies about his girlfriend. The only problem is that they both live in different worlds.

Nena & Dave Stewart: "Be my Rebel"
Germany, 2018

Director:  Virgil Widrich

Producer: Philipp Palm

Children dream of what they will be as adults and adults dream about their childhood. But sometimes, when orderly life becomes paralyzed in routine, adults need the inner child to bring about change: "Be my rebel", the first collaboration of the two music legends Nena and Dave Stewart, premiered at Nenas 40th anniversary on stage. The accompanying video by Oscar-nominated filmmaker Virgil Widrich transfers the story into a dreamlike, glass mirror world that is powered by Dave Stewart at the controls of his classic modular synthesizers. At the typewriter: Nena as an annoyed bookkeeper, who threatens to disappear soon with her flower dress in her flower wallpaper. But the inner dialogue works in both directions and soon takes effect: rebellion changes the past – and thus also the future.


KT&W - Batucada
United Kingdom, 2018

Director:  Nono Ayuso 


A couple of young Peruvian newcomers at London meet each other in the first months of their stay in the English city. Everything is new and exciting, but also painful.