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Deserted Eyes
Greece. 2018

Director:  Olivia Hadjiioannou

Deserted Eyes is a song, animated music video and WebGL project by the Greek multi-instrumentalist Oh. (Olivia Hadjiioannou).

The song takes the listener beyond the vicissitudes of relationship and love - beyond the criteria of reciprocity and togetherness.

It casts a light on the individual within the relationship rather then the relationship itself. Expressing how one's state of mind — if left unchecked and allowed to settle too long in dark and despondent moods —eventually wears away at the soul of the other — casting an immutable spell unwittingly upon the one you love.

Bread and sex
United States, 2018

Director:  Richard Delattre

The transformation of a baker into a sex worker,

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Past no return
United States, 2018

Director:   Theresa Leyne  

Producer: Theresa Leyne

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