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Live Screening FICOCC #5

On Monday July 31 at 19:00 will be the live screening of a selection of short films winning, at Casa Dúo, Centro Latinoamericano de Arte y Diseño. Av. Tamanaco 3696, Lechería, Anzoategui, Venezuela.


- Leipzig Fairy Tale, By Anaïs Clerc-Bedouet. France/Germany, 2017

- While You Were Sleeping, By Mauro Villani. Italy, 2016

- Alzhaïmour, By Pierre Van De Kerckhove. Belgium, 2017

- Slow Wine, By Mario Hernandez. Spain, 2016

- Shadows, By Abbas Sam. Iran, 2017

- Anna, By Natalie Dale. Canada, 2017

- Pulled Pork Pizza, By Kimmo Räntilä. Finland, 2016

- The Beard - A Neapoletan Family Story -, By Alfredo Mazzara. Italy, 2017

- City Of My Heart, By Kostas Petsas. Greece, 2017

- No Connection, By Risto-Pekka Blom. Finland, 2017

- Flying Dream, By Mohammad Ali Soheili. Iran, 2016

​- The Fishing Line Of Tirlindana, By Giovanni Milani. Italy, 2017

The audience will choose the three Audience awards for the best film of the night. Good luck for all of you!!!

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