Documentary Half-length film

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Life is What You Make It
United States, 2017

Director:  Jhett Tolentino

Producer: Jhett Tolentino, Eamon Downey, Sam Miron, Stephen Scott Scarpulla, Richard Gervais, Agnes Miranda

This short documentary chronicles Tony-Award winner and Grammy-winner Jhett Tolentino as he shares his humble beginnings from the slums of Iloilo City, Philippines to the glittery streets of Broadway.

Bread and angels
Morocco, 2016

Director:  Rachid Biyi

Producer: Rachid Biyi

In Casablanca, one conflict has been persisting for more than five years now, between Najat, Aziza, Fanida, the State and activists of Human rights. Each one of themis dedicated, in the midst of a frustrating see-saw relationship, to their idea about the future of a unique cemetery in Morocco, a place that is still virtual, place of memory, built for the victims of the Bread Revolt of June, 1981. Rachid, 30 years old, its caretaker, lives in total silence and isolation, in a cemetery that no one visits and without knowing what tomorrow will bring. 

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Spain, 2018

Director:  Daniel Chocrón

Producer: Daniel Chocrón

Before oppressive governments, only one thing remains: resist!