Fiction Short film

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Off Kid
Brazil, 2018

Director:  João Folharini

Producer: João Folharini , Raphael Carnelós

Sara is a twelve-year-old girl who wakes up lost and scared in a huge playground, when Pedro appears and forces her to play a weird cat and mouse game. Through a narrative full of metaphors, Sara must to face her greatest fears to solve the mystery and return to her normal life.

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In Limbo
United Kingdom, 2015

Director:  Stuart Wheeldon

Producer: Stuart Wheeldon, Ben Cotterill

When three friends decide to go away for the weekend, none of them counted on encountering the urban myth that is Black Eyed Children. Dreams are invaded and they must fight to save not only there physical bodies which have been frozen in a trancelike state, but also their souls which wander alone trapped In Limbo.Producer: Mimi Masters

India, 2017

Director:  Nadeem Shah

Producer: Naahid Shah

Logic will take you from A to B. Imagination will take you anywhere - Albert Einstein.

'The Perfect Girl' is a story about a little girl who lives with her single parent; her father, in a small part of Mumbai - also known as the 'City of Dreams'.

The two of them had made their own small world where they had everything that they needed. Suffering from hearing and speaking disabilities, this little girl was drawn towards dance like any other regular child but what made the little girl more special was her imagination and the effort to overcome the layer of her disability and learn to dance with the help of an extremely helpful and observant dancer who makes her believe that all she needs is a belief!

Mystic Coffee
Spain, 2018

Director:  Alberto Martín-Aragón

Producer:  Julia Doménech

Some scientists believe that drinking too much coffee can cause hallucinations. The characters of Mystic Coffee will experience more than hallucinations when they taste the substance that emanates from a misterious coffee machine.

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The Sutherland School
Chile, 2017

Director:  Iñaki Velasquez

Writer:  Marcia Herrera

In the midst of a media scandal due to multiple complaints about the admission process in the Sutherland School, Leticia (46) - the head of the language department - begins to organize a group of teachers to remove the new headmaster, a British businessman that promotes discrimination

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China, 2018

Director:  Shihang Qu

Producer: Lihui Li

A male Chinese agent who loyal to the country finds 
out that his most trusted partner, a female Chinese agent, 
betrays their country. However, what he sees is not the truth.

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Sarah's Moving On
United States, 2017

Director:   Josh Woo

Producer: Edwin Ruiz

Sarah, a recent graduate with personal issues, must return home to take care of her sick younger sister after their parents pass away.Producer: Arlon Souza

United States, 2017

Director:  Mimi Garrard

Producer: Mimi Garrard

"Dai Jian Suite" is a series of abstract dances created for video featuring the dancer Dai Jian and the music of Mimi Garrard

Portugal, 2016

Director:   Joao Pedro Oliveira

Producer: Joao Pedro Oliveira

Neshamah is a Hebrew word that means “breath”. 
This piece was inspired in the following biblical text: 
“then the Lord God formed the man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living creature” (Genesis 2:7) 

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India, 2017

Director:   Sheila Sandhu  

Producer: Sheila Sandhu

All about accepting an adopted child as your own.

Italy, 2017

Director:   Massimo Vito Avantaggiato

Producer: Massimo Vito Avantaggiato

Atlas of Uncertainty is an experimental music video based on the representation of 4 Classical elements, that typically refer to the concepts in Ancient Greece of water, fire, earth and aether, which were proposed to explain the nature and complexity of all matter in terms of simpler substances.

The music that accompanies the video is a sonic continuum ranging from unaltered natural sounds to entirely new sounds - or, more poetically -- from the real world to the realm of the imagination. 
“Atlas of Uncertainty” is an electronic music video in which a microcosm of sounds, explored through some csound interfaces, becomes the hyletic universe of the work. 
Heterogeneous sound materials are explored through various techniques (granular, subtractive). The sounds and the images are here combined in well- identifiable gestures. 

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Germany, 2017

Director:   Jacqueline König

What happens when you are facing yourself? Manuela does just that. Accidentally, her clone comes to life. A scandal must been cover up. But where to go with someone who is not allowed to be there and who is also hated by the original?Producer: Jacqueline König

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Malta, 2017

Director: Angelique Muller

Producer: Oliver Mallia

It takes no longer than a second for best friends to become worst enemies. 
In a place where things, ironically, come to die, Panama hat wearing Sammy, American dream Joey and Cynical Manuel kiss all friendship goodbye at the sight of the good old Money God. 
Toxicity is a poetical modern-day satire inspired by the spaghetti western genre.

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India , 2016

Director:   Ravinder Dhaka

Producer: Ravinder Dhaka

Desire to live with Self esteem and pride awakes in his heart. When thinking of a person starts changing that thought affected his society as well . Then, along with the man he seems to change the society. 
In our film “Beggars” a boy has changed the attitude of his beggars society .He taught them and People of his age to live with dignity and pride. 

The Last Embrace
Iran, 2018

Director:   Saman Hosseinpuor

Producer: Saman Hosseinpuor

The girl wants to show her drawing to her family, but everybody is busy with their cell phones, the little girl because of loneliness goes to her grandpa who has just past away a few minutes ago without anybody noticing it.

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'The Other woman', Zizi's dream
Ireland, 2016

Director:   Zizi Rincolisky

Producer: Studio Brugmann Film, Brussels

In Zizi's dream, like in any dream, the logic of time ans action as well as cultural censorship is abolished. Bizarre, senseless actions occur simultaneously to 'normal' ones and no one in the dream is taking notice. Repressed sexual desire can go wild and no guilt or shame about it is felt. 
Thus focus of the film «the Other woman» is on the return of the repressed in its disguised form, on what does not make sense in the dream. The latter can be located in the tension between the superficiality of the luxurious perfectionism of the bourgeoisie and the real, the impossible, the unbearable to look at. In the film, this tension or agony manifests itself on the body of the woman, which is marked by the scars of the contemporary self-mutilation and an outdated ecstatic fit of the 19/20th century, both reasons for young women for being committed to psychiatric hospital. The message of the acting outs, ecstasy and scarification is and was the same: to catch the gaze of the other, to break with the indifference of the household tribe.

11:40 - Forty pass eleven
Iran, 2018

Director:   Fatah Minoobakhsh

Producer: Fatah Minoobakhsh

The film is about the passage that has come in all religions and books like this

Soul passage stage

In sudden deaths, after the death of the soul, he wanders to realize that he does not exist anymore.

Part of the story:The driver leaves the accident scene with fear. He does not know where he is going or why escapes. After a while he realized routes are repeated. Clock, mobile and watches stopped at 11:40. He unwittingly returned to the scene of the accident. He himself is dead in the accident, but his soul does not notice at first

Deux Mains
France, 2018

Director:   Michaël Barocas

Producer: Michaël Barocas

The life of a man through his hands and those around him.

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Amma Meri
India, 2017

Director:   Tarun Jain

Producer: Tarun Jain & Nasira Khan

BALRAM, a villager is endowed with more plight as his father's last ritual commences. His father's death not just made him fatherless, but a lone shoulder with dependability and burden. DEVKI RANI, the old mother with a declining body and falling eye sight has very meager to offer. The banker's reminder about the fixed deposit and persuading Balram to become the sole nominee, seems most favourable. Considering a suitable groom for daughter Rashmi and setting up the dairy business again, ignites more to the occasion. The appetite of an exceeding interest rate and confiscating all the money after his mother's death, makes Balram THINK.

Song of Hands
Iran, 2017

Director:   Hamze Zarei

Producer: Mahtab Talebi

Song of the Hands is The story is narrated by a kid (hiwa) who is fascinated by music, and accompany other children in this passion.

 But under the pressure of the traditional and religious environment his father breaks his musical instrument, Hiwa is hugging the pieces of the instrument, and toward to ...

Play to live
Uruguay, 2018

Director:   Diego Ferres

Producer: Diego Ferres

Mercedes, a young girl, wakes up in a horrible place chained to the floor. She is forced to play a game in which she has to answer her most intimate secrets to save her family's life.

United States, 2018

Director:   Ayaka Furukawa

Producer: Ayaka Furukawa, Joyce Louis-Jean

Girl A sneaks out of her repressive town and meets Girl B, who opens her eyes to the world around her. After that magical night Girl A decides to leave the town she’s always know to be with someone she truly loves.