Fiction Short film

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Venezuela, 2017



3 Dreams of Horses
Canada, 2018

Director:  Mike Hoolboom

Producer: Mike Hoolboom

“A triptych in which the figure of the horse becomes a medium for meditation on its various incarnations as symbol, domesticated animal for human domination, and its abstract power as spirit.” Images Festival


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A Threshold, Alone
India, 2018

Director:  Manav Kaushik

Producer: Manav Kaushik

Dedicated and devoted daughter Sonamoni who is a teacher by profession is taking care of her aged and ailing father known as Parag Da who was once an enormous creative person... a writer, painter, actor, and a thinker. Sonamoni always smiles, appears optimistic and is hardly seen getting tired, irritated or annoyed but remains constantly in guilt that if she had been more loving and caring, her dad could have been in a better condition. Niladri, Sonamoni’s husband is a very understanding and mature character who loves his wife and her father equally but he does, at times, get annoyed. As advised Sonamoni is re-introducing to her dad people and places he has always remained connected to in the past. Doctor Uncle has a very big piece of advice for Sonamoni – Take care of your own self first before you decide to take care of others. Stay healthy.

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Whoever Was Using This Bed
Australia, 2016

Director:  Andrew Kotatko

Producer:  Andrew Kotatko & Marie Slaight

A married couple is woken in the dead of night by a mysterious phone call. Unable to sleep, they are drawn into an unsettling examination of their fears and desires. Based on a story by Raymond Carver (Birdman), WHOEVER WAS USING THIS BED is a multi-award winning short psychological drama starring Jean-Marc Barr (The Big Blue), Radha Mitchell (Man on Fire) and Jane Birkin (Blow Up).

The Magic Lives On
Indonesia, 2018

Director:  Wilson Novoa

Producer:  Rudy Octave & Dian Soewarso

Danny Dabra has been battling his asthma since he was a child. 
He wants to become a magician but the struggles during his childhood make him lose his guide & confidence. 
Constantly, he is dealing with his own demons until he finds the answers to overcome his self-doubt and continue following his dreams.

Menage A Trois
United States, 2018

Director:  Lok Kwan Woo

In the cafe, Charles bumps into his friend Michael and then he meets Michael's college Harry. They hit it off by talking about video game. Then Charles invites Harry to his apartment to crack the game together. After several meetings, Charles finds that he totally falls for Harry. They have left several tender and romantic sentiments. But later, Harry's actual boyfriend Steven shows up in Harry's apartment while Charles is in it, it turns out Harry and Steven are into Menage A Trois. They invite Charles to stay over with them. Charles feels devastating while looking at his own face in the mirror. He recalls those romantic memories with Harry. He loves him but he doesn't want to leave him or involve into this Menage A Trois. But in the end, he gives up by joining them, love makes him blind.

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Intrinsic Moral Evil
Netherlands, 2013

Director:   Harm Weistra 

Producer: Harm Weistra

Intrinsic Moral Evil seems to be a tale of identity and coming of age. But above all, the three dancers play with the viewer’s perception and expectations. The layered story gradually develops; revealing its last secrets just before the end credits start. Inviting the audience to make its own interpretation.


Palpitations of Dust
United States, 2016

Director:  Ann Huang

Producer: Ann Huang

The lives of three friends become complicated when facing choices of love, friendship, need and reciprocity. Everything is hung on a thin string-- from desire to love, to dream, to face life's disarrays, and then to settle on an unexpected destiny.

France, 2017

Director:   Delphine Montaigne

Producer: Lauriane Coulon

Along her team, the "36', Lea, commander of operation, faces the true face of the news, filled with blood crimes, and is one the top on the French police force.Protected and connected by their invisible bonds weaknesses and solidarity is in their DNA

Belgium, 2017

Director:   Christophe Mavroudis

Producer:  Shaban Krasnici & Arnaud Hockers

Tom hides not only a deformed face behind his flamboyant Commedia dell'arte masks, but also a dark secret that won't be divulged until decades later. An atmospheric and gothic tale.

United States, 2018

Director:   Stephanie Maxwell

Producer: Stephanie Maxwell

Aquarium is a choreography of light and motion. The film presents a unique perspective on the exquisite beauty that is present in infinite abundance when one focuses attention on the motions of sea water and its expressive optical qualities. Aquarium was shot in Bonaire, Dutch Antilles at the shoreline in breaking waves, in tide pools, and underwater. The film’s thematic ideas were inspired by Camille Saint-Saëns’ musical composition, Aquarium (1886, Mouvement VII from the Le carnaval des animaux suite). In the first half of the film, composer Max Berlin has created a ‘jazzy’ arrangement of the original Aquarium composition for bass, piano and percussion. This is followed by an orchestral performance of Saint-Saëns’ original Aquarium composition. With a dramatic structure and through its ocean abstractions and representations, the Aquarium film is meant to intrigue, enlighten, and inspire. 

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Three Million Dollars

Director: Dan Noah

Producer: Dan Noah

In near future, a man live in the perishing world completely alone. One day, a boy come from sea completely naked at the world where human could not live without wearing protective clothing. Now, it begin the last summer of human and new species. 
Encounter of the new human race and the old mankind.

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Doppelgänger, Inc.
Mexico, 2017

Director:   Andrés Hernández Covarrubias

Producer: Andrés Hernández Covarrubias & Leonardo de Rodas

Edgar Wilson is a lonely clerk with a monotonous life. One night an advertising spot offers him to change his life but he rejects it. What he does not know is that he has been selected to be replaced by an unknown being.

United States, 2017

Director:   Stellan Kendrick

Producer: Stellan Kendrick & loria Sandoval

After mom gets hacked to pieces by her latest lover, a devout child fights to escape the same fate.   

Spain, 2017

Director:   Andrés Santos

Producer: Andrés Santos

Children's house
United States, 2018

Director:   Carlos Hernández

Producer: Carlos Hernández


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my home
Japan, 2018

Director:   Reiji Ooba

Producer: Reiko Kimura

7 years have passed since Great East Japan Earthquake of March 11, 2011. Even now Ghosts are wandering to return home with the "my home" song. They can't find their home and can't go home. Everyone who listens to the song paints his face white with the bird droppings. Birds are messengers who told their real heaven is "my home".

to my slave-owning, slave-trading cuban ancestors. to the 300-year lot of you
United States, 2018

Director:   Magda Fernandez

Producer: Magda Fernandez

This brief performance is a radical message to the spirits of all of my Cuban colonial ancestors, who exploited so many native Tainos and transplanted African slaves over generations on the island.

Chemistry 101
United States, 2018

Director:   Mike Reft

Producer: Mike Reft

When a shy student musters up the courage to ask out his chemistry classmate, his plan goes awry after his love letter lands on the wrong student's desk.

Eternally Child
Kosovo, 2017

Director:   Lorena Sopi

Producer: Lorena Sopi & Agim Sopi

Moni, a ten year-old boy, lives with his father Xhema in great poverty. During a fatal meal, his father Xhema accidentally kills his son. All his life he will live cursed, blaming himself for what happened. In his last days, when he is very old, Xhema returns to the house where the tragedy happened to ask forgiveness of his son in order to release his soul and be able to pass away.

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Italy, 2018

Director:   Daniele Nicolosi

Producer: Lidia Napoli

Getting lost in a maze of branches, leaves and distress. In that loneliness, besieged by panic and pierced by guilt, standing up and finding the dearest thing. Together finding yourself again. Thanks to a four-legged Virgil, ready to lead a lost mother through the dark forest, beyond the infernal anguish of a child lost out of sight of and swallowed by the forest.
 It will be up to Jack, with his nose and his affectionate lappings, to instill calm and courage in a woman seized by anxiety, as she had been before from work.
An ancient and universal story like fairy tales.
Modern as the work that everywhere creeps in, the distracting tablets, the office that claims every attention, the loneliness and the sense of abandonment.
 Without talking wolves or grandmother's baskets, if anything with a dog capable of smiling and consoling with his eyes. Because the forest is not full only of obstacles to be tackled alone. It also guards some friends, and a sweetly suggested lesson. Not to forget. 

Spain, 2018

Director:   Iasen Sokolov

Producer: Iasen Sokolov

Their paths meet at a dusty bus stop. 
He is tormented by internal conflict, emotional turmoil and self doubt. 
Ruthless and emotionless she has nothing left to lose, looking for freedom. 
Both are a step away from transcending duality.

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Philippines, 2018

Director:   Chris Cahilig

Producer: Chris Cahilig

Paolo, an openly gay young professional, is quite unlucky when it comes to finding romantic and lasting relationships. His college buddy Carlo comforts him every time he goes through a breakup. Will their friendship eventually lead to something else?

Spain, 2018



Macarena shares a song. Is she trying to say something to Jordi or it is just Jordi’s imaginations?

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