Fiction Half-length film

Festival open for Entries
Wakey Wakey
Greece, 2017

Director:  Adrian Goodman

Producer: Adrian Goodman, Nicole Johnstone & Shaun McAlpine

Teen Josie tries to make sense of a frightening world in which a sleep condition blurs her dreams into waking life, and comes under the sway of her sister Samantha, whose dark web of secrets she must unravel.

Run Faster
Norway, 2017

Director:  Cato ML Ekrene

Producer: Cato ML Ekrene

Revenge gives a new meaning. Part 2 of Run Saga. Run Faster continues where Run Stop. What happen to Jan after he stab Liv. Is time for revenge after 2 years in prison.

Lilly Black
Greece, 2018

Director:  Georgia Chioni

Producer: Georgia Chioni & John Nolan

Local mafia kidnapps and tortures a yound woman, whose husband died, thinking that she knows where he has hidden the money. They let her die, but she survives and comes back to revenge.

United States, 2018

Director:  Sylvia Toy St. Louis

Producer: Sylviatoyindustries

CREATION is an experimental, greenscreen art film inspired by the Central African creator god, Mbombo, who created the world by vomiting it. The two main characters in CREATION are The First One (Night), who suddenly appears out of a void of light – i.e., a Big Bang event – and immediately vomits The Second One (God). The First One hates existence. The Second One loves existence so much that he/she begins vomiting all the parts of the Universe. My research has been developing characters, story, and the techniques for making the movie CREATION.