Fiction Feature film

Festival open for Entries
Canada, 2017

Director: Paul Andrew Kimball 

Producer:  Paul Andrew Kimball, Ron Foley Macdonald & Andrew Mark Sewell

Leda Calder, a young talk radio host, is haunted by her role in the tragic death of her best friend Jenny. She begins to find a measure of happiness in a new relationship with her producer Jeremy, but her inability to let go of the past threatens her future. Trapped in a purgatory of her own making, Leda must find her way to redemption, before she loses everything once and for all.

Poetry & Melody
Brazil, 2017

Director:  Flávio Colombini

Producer:  Flávio Colombini & Beatriz Alonso

This musical tells the story of a poet and a singer who form a partnership to create funny poems and songs for children. She tries to be a successful singer while he tries to publish his first children's book. In the meantime, they get involved in great adventures and introduce many children to the wonderful world of poetry.

The Percy Harris Story
Canada, 2016

Director:  Brian Lutes

Producer:  Brian Lutes & Erminio DeAngelis

Percy is a simple farmer, dragged by a sense of duty into a bloody war that tears him away from his home, his beloved Laurel and their two children. When the war finally ends and Percy is returning home, fate takes a cruel and unexpected turn when he and the remains of his division come upon a small shack in the woods. His epic struggle to escape his fate and fulfill a promise to his family is powerful and gut wrenching. When finally he sets foot on the homestead he loves we share his relief and joy.. but things are not always as they seem and sometimes a man's strongest desires and determination can't save him from his destiny.

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Ming... Voice of Deception
Canada, 2015

Director:  Brian Lutes

Producer: Brian Lutes, Maximilian Moskal & Erminio DeAngelis

Set against the great depression of the 1930’s and beginning in the trenches of World War 1 France. Returning war veteran Daniel Partcher discovers the world he’d left behind slipping away. 
The story of two men in love with the same woman. One broken and defeated, plagued with demons brought back from the war. The other amasses great power and wealth. 
Ming... Voice of Deception is a psychological thriller where in the end no one gets what they were looking for  

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United States, 2017

Director:  jay Francisco lopez

Producer:  Kenneth Medina

Ripped from the headlines, Love Cecy takes audiences back to the cholo, free-style culture of 1990s Richmond, California as it retells the story of 15 year old Cecilia Rios. The film follows Rios’ promising beginnings- striving to become a lawyer while keeping her cholo boyfriend off the streets- to its tragic end on March 14, 1994, when her brutal murder was chronicled by newspapers across the country.

The Mediums: Lens
Hong Kong, 2018

Director:  Jackie Chow Tak-Pong 

Producer: Jackie Chow Tak-Pong & Robin Ho Ching On

Sophisticated, Lonely photographer Lisa is searching for her answer of life while she is running out of time. Destiny brings her to meet Tung, an innocent and naive girl who just broke up with a cynical and struggled artist, Gen. 
However Gen had an unpleasant history with Lisa’s paparazzi boyfriend Yamamoto, a pop singer who’s a hard player in the showbiz.

Tung is enlightened by Lisa and explores a field that she has touched. On the other hand Gen has to make a choice between fame and dignity from Yamamoto’s offer.

Destiny strikes them all with an unpredictable arrangement. Is there a freewill or we are all just a slave of memories? 


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Life - Mission on Earth
United States, 2018

Director:  Shihyun Wang

Producer:  Shihyun Wang

Two aliens came to Earth with a mission to research on life.

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