Fiction Feature film

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Romania, 2017

Director: Serge Ioan Celebidachi 

Producer:  Adela Vrinceanu Celebidachi

When an elderly man returns to his family home after decades of absence, the apparition of his childhood sweetheart triggers a rewind to the life-changing events from his youth.

Wall on Heart
China, 2018

Director:  ZHANG Weiping

Producer:  Zhang Chi

A repressed woman architect’s desire inspired by her student’s dream leads their relationship growing with the spatial study and design, however, the result is out of their control…a story about “emotion caused by architecture.”

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Aliens With Knives
Canada, 2018

Director:  Struan Sutherland & Nicole Steeves

Producer:  Ron Foley Macdonald & Paul Kimball

In this dark comedy, Neila, a discontented pregnant woman is prescribed some rest at a cabin in the woods with her unstable husband. When a creepy stranger, a mysterious doctor, and some space aliens show up, Neila has to embrace her survival instincts in order to save not only her unborn child, but all of humanity.

India, 2018

Director:  Arun Mavnoor

Producer: Savita Pravin More

its a story of women who sacrifices her whole life to keep family intact but she doesn't get the respect and love which she deserves     

The Drought
Argentina, 2017

Director:  Adrián Fabrissin

Producer:  Adrián Fabrissin & Fernanda Taleb

A vile selfish farmer is forced to evacuate his ranch. The causes of his misfortune are: the drought, the social situation in the country, the conflicts with his step-sister and mainly his alcoholism. 
As a final solution, agrees to submmit his own daugthers to prostitution. 

Unterwelt - The World Beyond
Germany, 2018

Director:  Ralf Kemper

Producer: Ralf Kemper

After a photoshooting for gothic fashion in an old bunker, the entrance key gets lost. The three models and the photo team are desperately searching for another exit. While seeking they are getting deeper into a labyrinth until they are covered by insanity and hopelessly. Not all of them manage to find an exit and one of them has to face a horrifying discovery…    

Lady of the Damned Forest
Spain, 2017

Director:  George Karja

Producer:  George Karja

A group of friends climbing the mountain in search of a new adventure. 
But their trip takes an unexpected turn after the first night, when Martha tells the legend of "the lady of the damned forest". 
An ancient story that belongs to this forest.

The Legend of Silver‌ Fang Eagle
Iran, 2018

Director:  Rasool Salimian 

Producer: Alireza Ranjipour‌

The village of Yaloguz is a legendary village in which the white eagle flies every 100 years. When this legendary eagle is flying, strange things happen. Khan Ibrahim, who is nearly 100 years old, still has no children. The silver eagle is flying and strange events happen and son of Khan Ibrahim is born. Now his child must go a long way to finding the white eagle's egg. Perhaps odd things will end.    

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