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Mind Games
Zimbabwe, 2017

Director: Charles Mawungwa 

Producer:  Charles Mawungwa & Thandiwe Nyamasvisva

To some crime is an obstacle, to others it’s a business, but there is a man to whom crime is just game.

For the past four years on the 3rd of July, a seemingly random person is murdered. The murderer, only known as the candle light killer likes to sit and watch as his victims grappling for their last breath. This year, everything will change.

Mind games is a modern set psychological thriller that unravels the complexities of human thought and emotion. The film takes your mind on an exciting journey filled with action, suspense and yes, the unexpected twists.

¡Hijo, vuelve a casa!
France, 2018

Director:  The Church of Almighty God

Producer:  The Church of Almighty God

Li Xinguang es alumno del último curso de secundaria. Desde pequeño había sido un chico sensato y formal. Sus padres y profesores lo querían mucho. En los primeros años de secundaria se encaprichó de los juegos por Internet en la computadora. Solía saltarse clases para ir al cibercafé. Sus padres hacían todo lo posible por ayudarle a dejar su adicción a Internet. Por desgracia, la adicción de Li Xinguang iba cada vez a peor. Se desanimó y se fue degenerando… Cuando los padres de Li Xinguang se sintieron al límite, se enteraron de que Dios puede salvar a la gente y ayudarla a dejar su adicción a Internet y a liberarse de la corrupción de Satanás. 

Angrezi Mein Kehte Hein
India, 2017

Director:  Harish Vyas

Producer:  Manav Malhotra & Bunty Khaan

It’s the story about ‘Yashwant Batra’ a 50 year old simple man, making an honest attempt to win the heart of his wife ‘Kiran’ whom he never cared for (or she thought so). It is very unlikely of his character to do all the mushy romantic things that normally a young man is expected to do. 
It’s about the realization that sometimes just loving someone is not enough and expressing that love is equally important. Yashwant learns it the hard way when his wife decides to separate from him just days after the marriage of their daughter ‘Preeti’. 
Yashwant finds it hard to live alone in the Banaras house that was once filled with his wife and daughter’s laughter, now the silence is very painful as it brings back the old memories of their smile and the echoes of their laughter. 

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9 Bars
Spain, 2016

Director:  Angel Puado Veloso

Producer: Angel Puado Veloso

9 bars is a film about friendship, about love, about what we say and what we do not say , is a film where witty dialogue will not stop laughing.