Documentary Short film

Festival open for Entries
Tax Evasion: A Greek National Sport
Greece, 2018

Director:  Kelly Sarri

Producer: Christine Tsakmaka

A short documentary that attempts to explain the mentality of the Greek taxpayers and their view on tax evasion. The journey of a Greek filmmaker to find the reasons why tax evasion rates in Greece are that high. A funny approach in an otherwise boring subject of taxes. The film juxtaposes the opinion of the Greek community versus what has been considered as the main view of that subject.

Uruguayanska Champions dream
Sweden, 2018

Director:   Juan Martín Curbelo Artigas

Productor: Jonna McLean

Uruguayanska FC is a football team founded by Uruguayans who emigrated to Sweden. Pablo came to Sweden for love. Morgan was born here and has lived here all his life. Francisco grew up and has lived in both Uruguay and Sweden. Their life stories and thoughts about having double identities, cultures and belonging are thoughts reflected by many Uruguayans around the world.

Nunca Mas Hermanos
Mexico, 2017

Director:  Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben

Productor: Eleonora Gasparotto Nascimben 

The story of a group of catch fighters, who maintain their legacy within the outskirts of Buenos Aires. An intimate journey through the life of a troop who protagonize a daily struggle against anonymity and oblivion. 

A Journey to A Dream
Korea, 2018

Director:   Katherine Yoon

This documentary follows three young students as they pursue careers within the competitive world of modeling. The director of the film, being interested in changing the public mindset of the modeling industry, decided to create this piece to highlight the challenges and dispel the stereotypes that models face.

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