Documentary Short film

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Música com os Pés
Brazil, 2016

Director:  Theresa Jessouroun

Through current interviews, archival footage, and recent choreographies interpreted by dancers from the “Academia do Tap”, the documentary “The Sound of Feet” portrays the journey and the legacy of the singer, tap dancer, choreographer, and dance teacher Flávio Salles, who passed away in May 25th, 2011. 

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Brazil , 2017

Director:   Marina Thomé

Productor: Estúdio CRUA

Gary sells balloons on New York subways and dreams about learning magic. Filmed conversations get the Brazilian documentary filmmaker closer to this Brooklyn resident from a Cuban background, that in long underground routes questions himself about his way of navigating this world. 

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CATCH, el ocaso de los idolos
Argentina, 2018

Director:  Felipe Bozzani

Productor: Paloma Orlandini Castro 

The story of a group of catch fighters, who maintain their legacy within the outskirts of Buenos Aires. An intimate journey through the life of a troop who protagonize a daily struggle against anonymity and oblivion. 

A.M.O.R Ante Mucho Odio Revolucion
Argentina, 2017

Director:   Juan Zaldua

Producer: Florencia Cárdenas

This is the love story between Shirley and Luciana. A
history that questions and stresses a prevailing idea of ​​how it should be done
love. A transvestite wedding that left in vilo to all the popular district
of La Cumbre in the city of La Plata. Thanks to the law of identity
gender equality and equal marriage was the first marriage between
two transvestites from Latin America. 

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