Documentary Short film

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India, 2017



A highly emotional story of a girl who is born deaf in a familiar scenario of poverty illiteracy and social ostracism who gets a cochlear implant which transforms her life

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Ukraine, 2018

Director:   Andrii Andreiev & Olga Andreieva

Insomnia… half asleep, half-waking… images are blurred, colors are fading away, thoughts are melting… you are immersing deeper and deeper inside yourself, here you are already flying over sleeping nature, you are merging with it in eternal quietness… Sometimes the sun rays heat a little bit and you feel warmer in your heart, light in the windows of cozy houses in somber nature calls to come inside and seat near the hearth. These images hint to a viewer that there is something that warms the heart in this cold calmness of Eternity, motivate to conceive what ‘feeling at home’ really is inside yourself, where is that shelter where your soul is serene and tranquil…

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The song of the mountain 
Colombia, 2018

Director:  Roland Ricaurte

Two natives, an Arhuaco photographer and a Muiska musician meet in the Sierra Nevada in Colombia to send a message to the world about the protection of nature in view of 1,300 mining tenders. 

Peru, 2016

Director:   Sergio García

Producer: quechua films

Aristóteles Onassis, Rafaela Carrá, Cantinflas, Celia Cruz, John Wayne, Chabuca Granda and Armando Manzanero, were some of the people that enjoyed the dishes of the ceviche master: Pedro Solari. Autodidact, inventor of the modern ceviche, started cooking at 12. With his more than 93 years old, keeps serving the public in his restaurant in Lima. 


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