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The One Who Holds Sovereignty Over Everything 
Korea, 2018

Director:  The Church of Almighty God

Producer: The Church of Almighty God

A profound and far-reaching choral documentary that ranges from the mysteries of the stars and the universe, to the changes in the global stage, to mankind’s existence and development to recount the wondrous deeds of the Lord of creation from ancient times until today. This is a testimony from a whole new perspective of how the Lord of creation created all that is and rules and manages all things, how He gives sustenance to and nourishes mankind, and how He promotes the course of human history.


Free Waves
Lebanon, 2017

Director: May Kassem  


Free Waves is film about all sorts of waves, sea waves, radio waves, waves of human resistance. The public beach in Beirut is under threat of being violated by private investment projects, a struggle has been ongoing for the past year. This is a film from within the struggle. The earth itself is under threat of existence in our cosmos. An apocalyptic and poetic, and sometimes hopeful 

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Citizen Animal
Germany, 2018

Director: Oliver Kyr 

Producer: The Pegasus Family & Robert Franz

Can a small family change the world? The Pegasus family travelled 12.000 kilometers through Europe and the U.S. to find out why we always say: 'It is only an animal.' 
Our quest was to give voice to animals, literally. On our way interviewed almost 30 sanctuary owners, philosophers, lawyers and even met Paul Watson, founder of Sea Shepherd and Dr. Jane Goodall.