Documentary Feature film

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Camino on Wheels
Czech Republic, 2017

Director:  Eva Toulová

Producer: Petr Hirsch

Pilgrimage on Wheels was filmed during a 640km pilgrimage along the Way of St. James completed by Jan Dušek in the company of his friends and the film crew. The catch is the fact that the journey, already considerably demanding, was made even more difficult by the need to use a wheelchair. Jan Dušek is a 36-year-old adventurer suffering from a progressive form of multiple sclerosis.

Arnoldo Camú y los Combatientes Allendistas
Chile , 2017

Director: Sergio Arévalo Macías  

Producer: Sergio Arévalo Macías 

Documentary that rescues the figure of the Chilean revolutionary Arnoldo Camú. The choral story, from a personal, family and political perspective, is made through the voices of those who were his comrades in the ELN Chile National Liberation Army, his friends and his immediate family. The work traces the political history of Chile, from the 60s, and brings to the present events that profoundly marked Chilean society and whose effects are manifested up today. 

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The new World
Spain, 2018

Director: Romano Santalucía 

Producer: Pablo Arroyo

A trip to the past of the world, to discover reasons of the current world.

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