Documentary Feature film

Festival open for Entries
Colombia, 2017

Director:  Carlos Arturo Ramírez

Producer: Colciencias

A forced landing caused by a storm led to a passionate scientist finding a paradise that he 
would end up devoting his life to. Today, 30 years later, he returns to the Chiribiquete 
Mountain Range, in the heart of the Amazon, to lead an expedition in which he is reunited 
with the tepuis, the oldest geological formations on the planet, and the rock art that make it 
a place of great archaeological interest. That return is narrated by a young director who 
faced adversity to bring a testimony that mixes both experiences, his and the scientist’s.

Andaki, Path of life
Colombia, 2017

Director: Juan Pablo Méndez 

Producer: Colciencias, Diego Rojas & Andrea Feulliet

This documentary finds the best scenario for its reflections on concepts such as life, death and the path walked between the two. At the Conquest period, a group of indigenous people sought to reach the Amazon from the Andes, escaping the Spanish troops, and so it opened what is known today as the Andaki Path. In this territory, who experienced the war against Peru, the bloodiest harnessing of rubber and the quinine, and the horrors of armed conflict, a group of scientists and several locals establish a rich exchange of knowledge that demonstrates that science and traditional knowledge are complementary.

The police mafia
United States, 2018

Director: Karli Vincent 

Producer: Josh Renier

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