Documentary Feature film

Festival open for Entries
India, 2017

Director:  surendra verma

Producer: surendra verma

There is no other prince in global history, whose fate converted into that of a Sub-continet, then comprising a populace of about 150 million – Afghanistan being the 21 state of the Mughal Empire. 
The War of Succession (1657-1659) between Dara Shikoh and Aurangzeb was the most definitive and defining conflict in global history, which shaped the Indian Sub-continent till Doomsday. India had a tryst with destiny through Dara Shikoh, a sincere proponent of secular and thoughtful polity, who could have taken India on the path of societal bonhomie and progress as the 6th Mughal emperor after Shah Jahan, but fate willed it otherwise. 
Dara Shikoh is gone and buried, but in the age of clash of civilizations, the idea of Dara is gaining validity day by day and suicidal attack by attack. Dara lost the Samugarh Battle on 29 May, 1658; was executed on 30 August, 1659, which led to 14/15 August, 1947, when the country was partitioned between Pakistan and India, which further led to 16th December, 1971, when Bangla Desh was carved out of Pakistan – 

Italy, 2015

Director: Stefano Grossi 

Producer: Alfredo Borrelli


Nouri Bouzid is the most important Tunisian film director. He has shown in his films everything that seems 
impossible to show inside an Arab country: homophobia, torture, political repression, patriarchy, religious 
fanaticism, antisemitism, sexual pathology. He has neglected nothing while remembering that in the cinema 
(as in real life) style is the most important thing: you must tell the stories that you dearly want to tell in the 
most prodigious way possible so that the spectators do not want to listen to anything else.  

The Cat From Havana
Brazil, 2016

Director: Dacio Malta 

Producer: Gretel Medina

Gato Tuerto is Cuba's most iconic cabaret. Since it first opened its doors 55 years ago, it remains a refuge for Havana's cultured bohemian circles. In its small stage, some of the country's most important musicians, such as Omara Portuondo, Elena Burke, Pablo Milanés, César Portillo de la Luz and Chucho Valdés, have performed. It also served as a scenario for the world's longest bolero session, as recorded on the Guiness Book of Records. The documentary tells the story of cabaret; its inception, creators, artists and famous patrons, like Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Julio Cortázar.