Documentary Half-length film

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From Living Goddess to Regular Girl
Korea, 2018

Director:  Seoyoung Song

Producer: Seoyoung Song

Korean girl on a mission to discover the story behind Kumari Nepal's tradition of worshiping young pre-pubescent girls as manifestations of the divine female energy.

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The end of the road 
Peru, 2015

Director:  Sergio García Locatelli

Producer: quechua films

Terminal patients, the mentally ill, the elderly and children offer us a different look to the everyday citizen, with thoughts based on their life experiences. The man who has to step up every day to death is the man with a shield against the pain of others, he needs to be strong in order to continue with his life without having to take work to home. 

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the gods of egypt
France, 2018

Director:  Marcel Goudeau

Egyptian mythology is one of the oldest in the history of mankind. How are they present in us today?