Documentary Half-length film

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Colombia, 2017

Director:  Nicolás Ordóñez

Producer: Colciencias, Diego Rojas & Andrea Feulliet

On board of a ship of the Colombian Navy, a group of scientists enters Serrana, Cay, one of the cays of the remote nature reserve of Sea Flower, which covers 0% of the Caribbean Sea, contains 77% of the coral reefs of Colombia, and constitutes the third largest coral barrier reef on the planet. With high-tech resources, they seek to find the nesting points of some turtle elusive vulnerable species, and plunge into the bottom of one of the most diverse seas in the Colombian Caribbean to understand the species that threatens it: the Lion fish.

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Colombia, 2017

Director:  Oscar Ruiz Navia

Producer: Colciencias & Diana Grajales

Located in the department of Santander, El Peñon is a place that, thanks to its geological conditions offers one of the most particular bio diversities of the country. A foreign scientist who devoted his life to the study of its caves, which are the oldest and largest in the country, and a group of scientists that explores their exterior penetrate this territory, while their inhabitants tell stories filled with silences that fluctuate between the splendor of the landscape in which they grew and the rigors of the violence they faced. 

Spain, 2017


K´altik, in Tzotzil language, means milpa. The milpa is the traditional Mesoamerican cultivation system, based on the coexistence and mutual help of several plant species, which reinforce each other. The documentary K´altik Zapatista brings us to Chiapas, 22 years after the uprising of the Zapatista Army of National Liberation, to show us some results of the planting they did with their revolution. Through a journey through the most indigenous and most discriminated state of the 32 states of the country, we know several communities and groups that adhere to the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle. People who adopted, continue and reinforce the Zapatista ideas, from their struggles and with their own forms. We also briefly review the history of the EZLN, checking the validity of its proposals.Producer: inquietaDoc

Vichada: Custody of life
Colombia, 2017

Director:  Clare Weiskopf

Producer: Colciencias 

A reflective journey between the savannahs and gallery forests of Tomo River, which covers the Amazon and Orinoquía; frames an ambitious biodiversity expedition, decades after its interruption due to armed conflict.

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