Short films

Feature films

Half length films


FICOCC´s Official Selection: October– 2017


Short Films

Fiction Short Film

The Eve, By  Luca Machnich.  Italy, 2015

The Life Of Elie, By Julien Grimond-Szantaruk, Yann Chenu-Selakovitch. France, 2017

Know Harm, By Kee Ramsorrun. United Kingdom, 2017

Stronger Than Pretty, By Marjorie Lewit. United States, 2016
Zackman, By Jack Tong. Hong Kong, 2017

Bitch, Popcorn & Blood, By Fabio Soares. France, 2014

Palinopsie, By Caignard Mathieu, Evrard Jérôme. France, 2017

Dad, Where Is Our Home ?, By Nader Chalhoub. Lebanon, 2017

Axioma, By Elisa Possenti. Italy, 2017

Life, At Last, By Zach Bellin. United States, 2017

Red Carpet, By Malas Twins. Syrian Arab Republic, 2017
Society. And Me, By Zach Bellin, Julia Nicholson. United States, 2017

Anew, By Aditya Vempaty. United States, 2017

Vigilantes, By  Alexa Mercado, Michael Mastrangelo. United States, 2016
My Home, Singapore?, By Shrey Bhargava, Celeste Tan. Singapore, 2017

Sixteen, By Yiyun Zhang. United States, 2017

High Calorie, By Mehmet Tigli. Turkey, 2017

Mind Yourself, By Jannik Pape. Germany, 2017

Screen Cowboy, By Morgan Guering. Germany, 2017

Redemption, By Luis Utges Blesa. Spain , 2017

Stuff As Dreams, By Guli Silberstein. United Kingdom, 2016

Proliferant, By Zach Bellin, United States, 2017


Documentary Short Film

Tess Is Not Alone: A Usp7 Story, By Bo Bigelow. United States, 2017

El Utilero- The Kit Man, By Andres Cornejo. Ecuador, 2017

Turn Of The Century, By Moritz Liewerscheidt. Germany, 2013

Solari, By Sergio García. Peru, 2016

​Prepara!, By Muriel Alves. Brazil, 2016

The Mirrors Drawer, By María Julia Bonetto. Argentina, 2017


Animation Short Film

Horror-Struck, By Tamás Börönte. Hungary, 2017

The Companion, By Sadjad Ghazi Mirsaeed. Iran, 2017

Release From Heaven, By Ali Noori Oskouei. Iran, 2017
Three Tales From Aleksandria, By Natasza Cetner. United Kingdom, 2016


Super Short

Life, At Last, By Zach Bellin. United States, 2017

14:00, By Kazuya Ashizawa. Japan, 2017

Rendez-Vous, By  Jimmy Boutry,  Thibaud Chaufourier. France, 2017

"Playground" A Short Poetic Film, By Amber Agha, United Kingdom, 2016


Feature Films

Fiction Feature Film

Broken Hallelujah, By Rolando Sanchez. Philippines, 2017
Sarvasva, By  Shreyas Kabadi M. India, 2017
It's About Love, By Robert David Duncan. Canada, 2016
An Educator, By Lemuel Lorca. Philippines, 2017
Mi'raj, By Tariq Umar Khan, Sapan Narula. India, 2017

Lucía's Secret, By  Becky Garello. Argentina, 2014

Il Viaggio, By Alfredo Arciero. Italy, 2017
The Last Library, By Jesse Koester. United States, 2017

Kidnapping, By Mariana Čengel Solčanská. Slovakia, 2017

Autumn Memories, By Ali Fakhr Mousavi. Czech Republic, 2017


Documentary Feature Film

American Hussaini, By Ali Salaam. United States, 2017
Lilies Are Not Born Of The Law, By Fabiana Leite. Brazil , 2017
Unwanted Heritage, By Irena Skoric. Croatia, 2016


Half Length Films


Fiction Half-Length Film

This Side Of Nowhere, By Christian Schröter. Germany, 2016

8:30, By Laura Nasmyth. Austria, 2017

Cassey, By Todd Sales. United States, 2017


Documentary Half-Length Film

Peña JgmBetween The Time After-Dinner And The Whatsapp, By Pablo Javier Rozadilla. Argentina, 2017

Cyéwmen, By Sean Stiller. Canada, 2017

When School Broke Out Of Prison, By Päivi Kapiainen-Heiskanen. Finland, 2017

The Old Green Tree, By Sina Eskandari. Iran, 2017

Hao Wela: The Untold Story Of Hot Rodding In Hawai'i, By  Wojciech Lorenc, Mark Hanson. United States, 2017





Video Art

Closer, By Amanda Kline. United States. 2017

The Stool Man, By Cicero Fraga, Daniel Lacourt. Brazil, 2017

Chameleon, By Sandy Leonard. United Kingdom, 2017


Web Serie

After Oil, By Jessica Naftaly & Shailyn Cotton. United States, 2017

Berliners, By Paula Galimberti, Gonzalo Piñán, Pedro Deltell. Spain, 2017

Serendipi-Dad, By Mr. Daniels. United States, 2016


Screenplay Short Film

Never Too Late, By  Bryan Whorton. United States, 2017

Queer Coyote, By  Amanda Cruz. United States, 2017

Devil, By Jermine Chow. United States, 2017