Animation film 

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United Kingdom, 2017

Director:  Sacha Beeley

A stop motion short created for the English National Opera and their upcoming production of Satyagraha. Gandhi and his followers find strength in numbers to break free, working together to find a way out of the box they are kept in. Each frame from the bead shots was individually scanned to achieve a real sense of depth and texture.

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Blue Cherry
Australia, 2017

Director: Nathan Jurevicius

Productor: Nathan Jurevicius, Luke Jurevicius

Two skaters looking for their next big adventure help an old person with their groceries.

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November 10th
Indonesia, 2013

Director:  Aryanto Yuniawan

Producer:  M. Suyanto, Hery Soelistio, Adi Djayusman

BATTLE OF SURABAYA recounts the adventure of Musa, the adopted story of a brave thirteen-year-old boy on November 10th 1945 war in Surabaya. A child who makes a living as shoe shiner, he is struggling to overcome for hard life. He met the combatant, and inadvertent choosing a job as a courier. Such a job that bring him not only delivers common letters, but also the secret one's about the war.

It is worth for you to watch how Musa going through for such obstacles.